The best Twitter unfollow tool

Toolbox ManageFlitter

With today's high activity levels on social media, there's no way we could manage our client's presence alone. We depend on tools to help us stay productive. We use ManageFlitter to help quickly and easily see who our clients follow, who doesn't follow them back, and which of those accounts are stagnant, spam-driven, which accounts are super active … [Read more...]

How to embed a vine video on your website

vine app

Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to embed a vine video on your website. Step 1: Create video, and share it on Twitter Step 2: Head to your Twitter profile & pull up your tweet Step 3: Select 'More' from the share options, and choose 'Embed Tweet' Step 4: Copy and paste the html code from the pop-up window that … [Read more...]

Vine is the new black

vine app

Vine recently launched their Twitter-friendly iPhone app, which has already inspired thousands to take action. The newest social media phenom doesn't focus on number of characters, but on super short video clips. What's the big deal? It's a new creative outlet, that presents a fun challenge to try and shoot a 6 second video that actually tells a … [Read more...]

Top tool for connecting with your email contacts: Rapportive for Gmail


The first thing I do when I receive an email from someone I don't recognize is try to recall where they work, or what they do. If you are acquainted with a large number of people, this can be quite a feat. I no longer have to strain my brain for these details, thanks to the Rapportive plugin for Gmail. I stumbled across this great add-on while … [Read more...]

Top 6 reasons your nonprofit should join the Google for Nonprofits program

The way we see it, your nonprofit stands to gain access to a great deal from the Google for Nonprofits program. It could even be your ace in the hole. Below are our top 6 reasons why your nonprofit should get in the Google game: 1 Free Google Adwords - with Google Grants receive an in-kind donation from Google to place Google AdWords ads, so … [Read more...]

Ring in the New Year with the Times Square Ball App

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 4.31.12 PM

There's nothing like celebrating the New Year with a fancy new App! No matter your location, you can be a part of the New York City action on New Year's Eve with the Times Square Ball App. (Android and iPhone users of course). We just downloaded the App to take a look. It's kind of cumbersome and co-branding runs rampant, but it is filled with a … [Read more...]

Boomerang is Booming

Well, after months of beta testing my favorite outbox tool, the beloved Boomerang, is finally launching into full-fledged service. Congratulations Baydin! What is Boomerang? A beautiful little plugin for gmail (Firefox/Chrome) that lets users schedule when their emails go out, and set up notifications for reminders and follow-up messages. Simply … [Read more...]

How’s my hair look?

People surf the net, play Gardens of Time on Facebook, use their iPad to cook fresh recipes from Epicurious, and now, we Hangout. The new Google+ Hangout is pretty cool, just make sure to check your hair first. Nothing says “I’m lazy” better than bed head. Since there are plenty of tutorials on enhancing your Google+ profile, quick tips and … [Read more...]

Square or Intuit GoPayment?

Square and GoPayment

Good question. Here are some thoughts: 1) Square’s cute little reader swivels every time it’s used, making it difficult to actually swipe cards. Intuit’s GoPayment is sturdier. 2) Square doesn’t talk a whole heck of a lot about security, and there is no unique login passcode to access the app from your phone or iPad. GoPayment encrypts … [Read more...]