15 404 error page not found examples

It’s important to consider every angle of your brand when a visitor is on your website. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and someone will end up at a dead end. Oftentimes this will result in a 404 Error, Page not found generic message.
Below is a collection of 404 Error, Page not found examples from some top brands. I’ve included a variety–some great, some not–including a clever take from Hootsuite. And of course, true to form, Zappos delivers. And yes, I giggled at the results. If you want to find out for yourself, try out the ‘bogus’ page: www.zappos.com/adfkd
Takeaway? Consider your message, and tailor a response that 1) empowers them to find what they’re looking for, 2) provides them with an opportunity to provide you with feedback, and 3) pats them on the back for trying. Rest assured that what a visitor reads is within your control! (You might want to talk to your web developer about customizing the content of your 404 page.)