5 reasons why linking social networks isn’t a good idea

From Twitter, to Facebook, to the hot new phenomenon of Pinterest, it’s likely you’re spreading yourself a little bit thin when it comes to your social media presence. It’s easy to see why built-in options like “link this with your other social networks” seem like the way to go.

Let me give you a few reasons why you should think twice before sharing (everywhere):

1) You will probably overshare. What happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas, especially if you have your Instagram photos synced to your Facebook feed.

2) You may seem irrelevant. A tweet that includes #hashtags and RT @thinktapp mentions is out of place in the world of Facebook.

3) You risk annoying people who look for quality content, not quantity. Foursquare check-ins are a good example: “Stef just checked in at Santa Barbara” – “Stef just checked in at Burger Bob’s” – “Look at Stef’s great burger” – “Stef recommends you try the garlic truffle fries“. Fun for you, the user, not so much fun for people who follow you on Twitter. Unless you’re Justin Bieber, we all want to know everything about him.

4) You may share with the wrong audience. A Facebook post about “Dinner with my family tonight” isn’t a career-building message for LinkedIn.

5) You could send the wrong message. The Washington Post social app streams recently read articles into your Facebook news feed, headlines like: Living Single: What happens when you never find The One? may not be the image you want to portray.

So, my last bit of advice? Each network has a unique and individual audience, treat them as such.